L5R - The Great Dusk

Fall Frost (Part 1 of Season of Storms)

Daidoji Uji’s counterattack has shaken the empire. The Lion are broken, their champion Matsu Gohei dead. The Minor Clan Alliance is leaderless after Yoritomo and the Second Storm burned at the Battle of the River of Gold. Daidoji Uji is dead, his head taken by the Emerald Champion’s blade. Through the most elegant of manipulations, Shoju has crippled the Lion, the Crane, and removed the head of the Chain of Dogs. Yet, even Shoju cannot rest. He looks south and wonders if his victory today has merely set up another’s victory tomorrow. The Crab are moving as Kisada rouses himself from a decade’s slumber. Who knows what spring will bring?

For the Minor Clan alliance, it is a chance to consolodate their forces, lick their injuries, and try to figure out the future. Without Yoritomo, there is a power vacuum that several Minor Clan champions are looking to fill, and without a clear line of selection, some on the Mantis isles are eying the vacant seat of Yoritomo with desire.

Winter should be interesting this season.



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