L5R - The Great Dusk

The Chain of Dogs Chapter 2, Part 5

At Haku Pass, the 13th Legion stood alone against 6 Crane Legions. Usagi Kenchi’s outriders fought a vicious action at Haku village, while the Yoritomo Yoshita’s 3rd Company darkened the sky with their arrows. Heichi Masu’s 1st Company fought and died in the most vicious combat to hold the line at the mouth of Haku Pass, while Kitsune Tokaji fought a desperate fight to provide support to the other three companies.

Then the Iron Crane charged down the pass.

And when people look at the scarred veterans, bent but unbroken, and ask where they fought, they are told “They stood at Haku Pass” and that is enough.


To the Minor Clan Alliance, the Stand at Haku Pass was a banner of their strength; evidence of the threat of determination and solidarity against the machinations of the prideful samurai of the Great Clans who underestimated those born beneath them.

But for some of its samurai, even those who might be considered heroes of the Stand, Haku Pass was just the precursor to a raging tide of loss.

And with tears of rage and grief spilling down her face as she prayed – forehead to the floor – in the shadows of her room, Yoritomo Yoshita never fought so hard not to lose her mind.


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