L5R - The Great Dusk

The Chain of Dogs, Chapter Two, Part 4

Two years ago, Daidoji Uji made a discovery. One year ago, Uji had a private audience with the Emperor.

Since the assention of Shoju to the shogunate, the Crane have been been fighting a war for their very survival. The Lion ground down the finest of the Daidoji and the Kakita. The Scorpion and their Bakufu allies blocked the Crane in the courts. The Mantis usurpt Crane naval power. The loss of face from Sanada’s Island has finally given Uji the cassus belli he needs.

Daidoji Uji is making his counterattack.

In the north, the second Crane army readies for a counter assault against the Lion forces at Toshi Ranbo. In the south, the first Crane army prepares to press into the lands of the Minor Clans. At sea, Uji’s new fleet sails towards the Mantis’s 2nd Storm.

Daidoji Uji has stolen fire from the gods.

And in the Spirit Realms, a third party has taken an interest in the conflict between Tiger and Yamata-no-orochi. This is a time of crisis, the feast-time for the opportunists. When the bear and tiger fight, it is the crow who feasts.

Meanwhile, Yoritomo Yoshita is presented with a rare opportunity to confront the sinister Yoritomo Kitao and Heichi Masu finally gains some insight into his terrible dreams.



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