Kitsune Tokaji

Name Clan School Rank Experience Insight
Kitsune Tokaji Fox Kitsune Shugenja 2 0/30 157
Honour Glory Status Taint
2.1 4.2 5.0 0.0
Earth 3 Water 3 Air 2 Fire 2 Void 3
Stamina (3) Strength (3) Reflexes (2) Agility (2) (3)
Willpower (3) Perception (3) Awareness (2) Intelligence (2)
Initiative Modifiers Current To be hit Modifiers Current
3k2 3k2 10 (+3) 13
Weapon Attack Damage Bonus Quality Notes
Spear 3k2 4k2 Average
Wakizashi 3k2 4k2 Average
Hand2Hand 2k2 2k1 Average 10’s don’t explode on Atk
Wounds Healthy (+0) Nicked (+3) Grazed (+5) Hurt (+10) Injured (+15) Crippled (+20) Down (+40) Out
Total: 6 12 18 24 30 36 42 57
Skills Rank Trait Roll Emphases
Caligraphy (1) INT 3k2
Defence (3) AGI 5k2
Hunting (2) PER 5k3
Medicine (2) PER 5k3+2 Herbalism
Meditation (1) VOD 3k2
Spellcraft (1) INT 3k2
Yari (2) AGI 4k2
Non-School Skills
Animal Handling (1) INT 3k2
Athletics (2) VAR 4k2 (5k3) (when STA)
Courtier (1) INT 3k2
Etiquette (1) AWA 3k2
Investigation (2) VAR 5k3 (4k2) (when NOT PER)
Kenjitsu (1) AGI 3k2
Lore: Spirit Realms (1) INT 3k2
Lore: Heraldry (1) INT 3k2
Performance: Flute (1) AWA 3k2
Theology (1) INT 3k2
Advantages Points Disadvantages Points
Ghost Tongue (9) Antisocial (2)
Absolute Direction (1) Ascetic (3)
Blessing of the Elements (4) Fascination: Natural Wonders (1)
Friendly Kami (3) Phobia: Crowds (1)

Magical Technique: Blood of Chikushudo
You can naturally understand and communicate with any animal spirits (such as kitsune, tanuki, koumori, and others). You can sense any passages to Chikushudo, the Realm of Animals, in your immediate vicinity. If you wish, you may pass into this Realm in such areas, taking along a no. of other individuals equal to your School Rank. You may remain as long as you wish, or until a more powerful spirit wills you to return to the mortal Realm. Those whom you bring with you may not return to the mortal Realm without your aid or the aid of another spirit of Chikushudo.

Element Name Lvl Effect To Cast
Earth Earth Becomes Sky 2 Earth bending/throwing -Memorized 5k3 TN20
Earth Hands of Clay 2 Spiderpig on stone 5k3 TN 20
Earth Armor of the Earth 2 Reduces damage of all attacks by schoolrank X2 5k3 TN20
Earth Way of Earth 2 Boosts TN to be hit by Earth *5. No stack 5k3 TN20
Air Wind Born Slumbers 1 Sleep spell 3k2 TN15
Air Nature’s Touch 1 Doc Doolittle-san 3k2 TN15
Water Path to Inner Peace 1 Heal (1k1) -Memorized 3k2 TN15

Equipment and possessions:

  • wakizashi
  • yari
  • kimono and sandals
  • scroll satchel
  • traveling pack
  • Flute
  • writing kit
  • pipe and tobaco

Woods, many years.
Discovered important truth.
As you left forest forgot it.

Ally: Yamata-no-Orochi
Sensei: Kitsune Kureni
Bride to be: Doji Utaka

Kitsune Tokaji

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