L5R - The Great Dusk

Ashes On The Winds (Season of Storms, Part 3)

The Minor Clan Alliance has taken Mura Sabashii Toshi from the Crane, but at cost to themselves and to the city. Much of Mura Sabashii Toshi lies in burned ruins and the fleet of the Crab draws closer. Have the Minor Clan Alliance won the battle only to lose the peace?

The Siege of Mura Sabashii Toshi (The Season of Storms, Part 2)

The Crab have begun to move and with it, the 13th find themselves pulled back into battle. Heichi Nobunaga, capitalizing on Hida Kisada’s assault on the southern Crane territories, directs the Minor Clan Alliance to capitalize on the weakness of the Crane and begin a lightning march past the near impregnable fortress of Ookami Toshi to the rich and weakly protected Mura Sabashii Toshi, one of the Crane’s most vital ports.

Fall Frost (Part 1 of Season of Storms)

Daidoji Uji’s counterattack has shaken the empire. The Lion are broken, their champion Matsu Gohei dead. The Minor Clan Alliance is leaderless after Yoritomo and the Second Storm burned at the Battle of the River of Gold. Daidoji Uji is dead, his head taken by the Emerald Champion’s blade. Through the most elegant of manipulations, Shoju has crippled the Lion, the Crane, and removed the head of the Chain of Dogs. Yet, even Shoju cannot rest. He looks south and wonders if his victory today has merely set up another’s victory tomorrow. The Crab are moving as Kisada rouses himself from a decade’s slumber. Who knows what spring will bring?

For the Minor Clan alliance, it is a chance to consolodate their forces, lick their injuries, and try to figure out the future. Without Yoritomo, there is a power vacuum that several Minor Clan champions are looking to fill, and without a clear line of selection, some on the Mantis isles are eying the vacant seat of Yoritomo with desire.

Winter should be interesting this season.

The Chain of Dogs Chapter 2, Part 5

At Haku Pass, the 13th Legion stood alone against 6 Crane Legions. Usagi Kenchi’s outriders fought a vicious action at Haku village, while the Yoritomo Yoshita’s 3rd Company darkened the sky with their arrows. Heichi Masu’s 1st Company fought and died in the most vicious combat to hold the line at the mouth of Haku Pass, while Kitsune Tokaji fought a desperate fight to provide support to the other three companies.

Then the Iron Crane charged down the pass.

And when people look at the scarred veterans, bent but unbroken, and ask where they fought, they are told “They stood at Haku Pass” and that is enough.

The Chain of Dogs, Chapter Two, Part 4

Two years ago, Daidoji Uji made a discovery. One year ago, Uji had a private audience with the Emperor.

Since the assention of Shoju to the shogunate, the Crane have been been fighting a war for their very survival. The Lion ground down the finest of the Daidoji and the Kakita. The Scorpion and their Bakufu allies blocked the Crane in the courts. The Mantis usurpt Crane naval power. The loss of face from Sanada’s Island has finally given Uji the cassus belli he needs.

Daidoji Uji is making his counterattack.

In the north, the second Crane army readies for a counter assault against the Lion forces at Toshi Ranbo. In the south, the first Crane army prepares to press into the lands of the Minor Clans. At sea, Uji’s new fleet sails towards the Mantis’s 2nd Storm.

Daidoji Uji has stolen fire from the gods.

And in the Spirit Realms, a third party has taken an interest in the conflict between Tiger and Yamata-no-orochi. This is a time of crisis, the feast-time for the opportunists. When the bear and tiger fight, it is the crow who feasts.

Meanwhile, Yoritomo Yoshita is presented with a rare opportunity to confront the sinister Yoritomo Kitao and Heichi Masu finally gains some insight into his terrible dreams.

The Chain of Dogs, Chapter Two, Part 3

The officers of the 13th begin their journey south to Kudo and then on to Zakyo Toshi, stopping off first at Valiant Daidoji Keep. There, Tokaji’s past begins to catch up to him and just because he is protected from his enemies does it mean that everyone around him is equally protected.

I’m not going to lie to you, there may be bears involved.

The Chain of Dogs, Chapter Two, Part 2

As the MCA begins to march south to Kudo, the chui meet their gunso. It is an eventful meeting, however…

The Chain of Dogs, Chapter Two, Part 1

“Wherever there is corruption, the Locust shall feast.” – Inago Daigo

“Ambition is only a virtue when it is tempered by success.” – Yoritomo

The Chain of Dogs, Chapter One, Part 3

In the wake of the defeat at Sanada’s island, there will be… consequences for the 8th.

Daidoji Uji has closed the Crane lands to the MCA and the officers of the 8th are sent to Koeru Mura to answer for their actions at the Battle of Sanada’s Island, passing through the Valley of the Centipede and the Castle of the Wasp on the way.

Surely nothing can go wrong, right?

Part 3 of the Chain of Dogs and the end of Act 1.

The Chain of Dogs, Chapter One, Part 2

In the wake of the devestating attack upon Musume Mura by the combined fleets of Sanada’s Serpents, the Red Dawn, the Children of Suitengu, and a host of lesser pirate bands, the Eighth prepare to embark on a mission of vengeance. Setting sail to Sanada’s island fortress, the Eighth finds themselves facing their first real battle.

Of course, there is no way that the pirates could prove to be a challenge for the Minor Clan Alliance…

Part 2 of the Chain of Dogs.


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