108 Stars

In at the end of the the Age of Myth, it is said that Shinsei encountered 108 evil spirits as he prepared to depart the empire. Unwilling to leave these spirits to roam free, Shinsei bound and sealed them into the very night sky itself as stars. At first, the stars were wrathful and filled with hatred, sowing nothing but misfortune. As time passed and they watched the mortals struggle and toil beneath them, they realized how poor the lot of mortality was. From their places in the night sky, they swore to grant their favour upon worth mortals and lead them to greatness.

(This may or may not have any actual in game bearing, but it is just fun. Character assignments are loose and may change Kenchi will get one when I figure out exactly where he stands).

The 36 Celestial Stars

The Stars were said to be the leaders of the spirits and those born under a Celestial Star are said to be born for fame or infamy.

Tenkai – Chief Star of Heaven

Tengou – Star of Conflagration

Tenki – Star of Wisdom

Tenkan – Star of Idleness

Tenyu – Star of Bravery

Tenyu – Star of Heroic Ferocity

Tenmou – Star of Swift Courage

Teni – The Star of Majesty

Tenei – The Heroic Star

Tenki – The Lofty Star

Tenfu – The Star of Wealth

Tenman – The Star of Abundance

Tenko – The Lone Star

Tensyo – The Wounded Star

Tenritsu – The Star of the Standing Spear

Tensyo – The Swift Star

Tenan – The Dark Star

Tenyu – The Guardian Star

Tenku – The Empty Star

Tensoku – The Speedy Star

Teni – The Strange Star

Tensatsu – The Murderous Star

Tenbi – The Lowly Star

Tenkyu – The Lewd Star

Tentai – The Retreating Star

Tenjyu – The Star of Longevity

Tenken – The Dagger Star

Tenhei – The Level Star

Tenzai – The Star of Sin

Tenson – The Broken Star

Tenhai – The Vanquished Star

Tenrou – The Goal Star

Tensui – The Star of Intelligence

Tenbou – The Savage Star

Tenkoku – The Wailing Star

Tenkou – The Prodigy Star

The 76 Earthly Stars

The 76 Earthly Stars were the lieutenants and minions of the 36 Celestial Stars. Their influence is less than their celestial brethren, but is not of minor significance.

Chikai – Chief Star of Earth

Chisatsu – Violent Star

Chiyu – The Brave Star

Chiketsu – Star of Noble Wisdom

Chiyu – The Heroic Star

Chii – The Majestic Star

Chiei – Star of Courage

Chiki – The Strange Star

Chimou – The Ferocious Star [more of intrepid than ferocity. One who seizes the day.]

Chibun – The Learned Star

Chisei – The Guileless Star

Chikatsu – The Eminent Star

Chitou – The Folding Star [One who bends, but does not break]

Chikyou – The Strong Star

Chian – The Strong Star (this and the above star are astrologically conjoined, the bearers sharing a strong bond, though this has an indication of darkness attached.)

Chijiku – The Axis Star

Chikai – The Star of Gathering [One who can balance many elements at once]

Chisa – The Aiding Star

Chiyu – The Helpful Star

Chirei – The Clever Star

Chijyu – The Beast Star

Chibi – The Least Star

Chikyu – The Intelligent Star

Chibou – The Barbarous Star

Chizen – The Silent Star

Chikou – The Wild Star

Chikyou – The Star of Ambition

Chihi – The Flying Star

Chisou – The Walking Star

Chikou – The Cunning Star

Chimei – The Clear Star

Chisin – The Forward Star

Chitai – The Retreating Star

Chiman – The Full Star

Chisui – The Fulfilled Star

Chisyu – The Complete Star

Chiin – The Hidden Star

Chii – The Peculiar Star

Chiri – The Star of Justice

Chisyun – The Elegant Star

Chigaku – The Star of Music

Chibin – The Quick Star

Chisoku – The Star of Haste

Chichin – The Suppressing Star

Chikei – The Halted Star

Chima – The Devil Star

Chiyou – The Magic Star [also translated as the Star of Cruel Death(!)]

Chiyu – The Obscure Star

Chifuku – The Hiding Star

Chihi – The Orphan Star

Chiku – The Empty Star

Chiko – The Lonely Star

Chizen – The Finished Star

Chitan – The Short Star

Chikaku – The Corner Star

Chisyu – The Imprisoned Star

Chizou – The Hoarding Star

Chihei – The Smooth Star

Chison – The Ruined Star

Chido – The Slave Star

Chisatsu – The Searching Star

Chiaku – The Fierce Star [Implied Villainy]

Chisyu – The Ugly Star

Chisu – The Mathematic Star

Chiin – The Shadowy Star

Chikei – The Avenging Star

Chisou – The Strong Star

Chiretsu – The Inferior Star

Chiken – The Mighty Star

Chimou – The Rat Star

Chizoku – The Thieving Star

Chikou – The Dog Star

108 Stars

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