Campaign Quotes

Once you’ve heard it, you can’t unhear it. Be it in character or out of character, memorable quotes emerge. This is where they belong.

“I almost kissed a girl!” – Heichi Masu, summarizing the events of his prequel adventure.

“What’s the name of the girl I love?” – Heichi Masu

“I roll Heraldry on my wife!” – Kitsune Tokaji, just sounding wrong

“He’s almost at Yoritomo levels of impregnation!” – Kitsune Tokaji, very much out-of-character

“Great, now my name is Heichi Masu.”

“Can you reattach an arm?” – Yoritomo Yoshita, genuinely curious

“She can try to beat me in an archery contest now!” – Yoritomo Yoshita, shortly after her rival, Tsuruchi Raiko, had her arm cut off (Ice cold, girl. Ice cold.)

“It’s difficult being honorable and rational!” – Yoshita on playing a female character.

“Can I use my herbalism to—” – Heichi Masu
“Grow an artificial arm?” – Shameful Thomas

“Oh my God, Heichi Masu’s having an emotional response!” – Yoritomo Yoshita

“Not in the mood to marry anyone else today…” – Yoshita about applying for a marriage in Centipede lands, directly after a relatively romantic evening with Tonbo

“My eyes turn into fire.” – Yoritomo Yoshita (I think that would really sting)

“Is he dead dead?” – Yoshita about Tonbo after finding him dead

“Where are the Moshi lands?” – Heichi Masu, while in Kyuden Moshi

“You learn how to shoot rapider…” – Shameful Thomas, illustrating a firm grasp on grammer, with regards to Yoshita’s training

“So can I haiku my arm back on?” – Shameful Thomas as Tsuruchi Raiko

“This could literally go Old Boy before it’s over” – Heichi Masu, referring to the revelations in the latest fictions.

”...and he died honourably.” -Heichi Masu, speaking of Toku
“He’s still alive!” -Yoshita

“It is with great honour that I welcome… Hang on, I wrote my wife’s name down here somewhere…” – Kitsune Tokaji, during his wedding speech

Campaign Quotes

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