Daidoji Uji


Daidoji Daimyo

Daidoji Uji is, by many accounts, the perfect Daidoji. He was trained in both the Daidoji Bushi school as well as the Harriers, and was one of its most exemplary students. A grim and solitary man, his thankless duties became his entire life. Uji embodied all the Daidoji ideals, resourceful, ruthless, talented and unswerving loyalty to his lord. He is even vigilant in peace times, keeping a keen eye on all threats to his clan.

When Uji became the Daidoji Daimyo he swore the same three oaths that all the daimyo before him had sworn since the Night of Falling Stars and fall of Shiro no Yojin. The first was that he would defend the honor and lands of the Crane with his life. The second that he would remember the history of his clan and keep it alive for the future generations. The third and final oath was that he would never betray the secrets of the Daidoji House. He had no interest in politics, and in times of peace traveled from one Crane stronghold to the next inspecting and assessing their military preparedness. He took his responsibilities as the protector of the Crane seriously, and did not even show the slightest interest towards women; the single thing that brought Uji the most pleasure was outwitting an opponent on the battlefield.

Uji is a master of sabotage and guerrilla warfare. As the Daidoji lacked the numbers to wage all out war in many cases, they had to make do with less than honorable tactics. Uji was very interested in most things gaijin. His most prized read was a book on gaijin strategy and swordplay located in the library under Niwa Shita no Kage Toshi. He even practiced some of the strange kata and had one of the two edged swords mounted on his wall. This knowledge of foreign things was badly looked upon by the other daimyo of the Crane, but Uji merely said that “Without knowledge we will not be prepared for defense.” Uji was familiar himself with gaijin pepper, as well as Gaijin guns. Though all were forbidden by Imperial decree, their use under Uji’s rule as Daimyo gave the Crane the edge they needed to survive the many wars endured during his lifetime. Uji’s preparations did not have the desired impact during the Gaijin War, however, as his tactics and strategies that he had prepared were for a different Gaijin power. His quick adaptations to the Maharaja’s methods, however, helped turn back the tide of the Gaijin invaders.

Uji is a slightly caustic man with dark complexion, black hair and brown eyes. He never lets his hair grow out of the short topknot, and has never dyed it white like so many other Crane. He rarely wears his armor, although this did not diminish his deadliness on the battlefield. He speaks rarely, and when he does it is in a whisper. His eyes never twinkle and he rarely, if ever, smiles. He wears a mask in a similar fashion to that of the Scorpion when fighting, to remind his opponent that he is not to be trusted.

After Uji’s counterattack inadvertently resulted in the death of Yoritomo, the Admiral of the Imperial Navy, due to the machinations of Shoju, Uji found the grinning Shinjo Raijin at the gates of Shiro Daidoji with a writ of execution. Recognizing that he had lost his gambit and trusting in his subordinates to carry on his work, he committed honourable seppuku to cleanse the Daidoji of the shame of his crime.

Daidoji Uji

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