Doji Kuwanan

b. 1101

Doji Family Daimyo

Champion of the Crane

Doji Kuwanan was the second son of Doji Satsume and Doji Teinko. He became Crane Clan Champion in 1130 after the death of his older brother Doji Hoturi in a duel with Shoju Dairu, the son of the Shogun.

Kuwanan is an image of his father as much as Hoturi was an image of their mother. Where Hoturi was tall and easygoing, Kuwanan is shorter and his expressions were far less readable. While not as handsome as his brother he still possesses a rugged musculature look. Kuwanan watched the escapades of his brother with an amused eye, living vicariously through his brother’s deeds. Because of not being as eloquent as Hoturi many thought he was a slow thick-set youth. This led many to underestimate the man both on and off the field of battle.

As a second son, he enjoyed greater liberties than his brother Doji Hoturi, and was able to attend both the Akodo family and the Hida family bushi schools before he began training at the Daidoji family school. At the age of twelve Kuwanan was fostered to the Lion Clan to study under Akodo Toturi. He learned about tactics, strategy and preparedness, and how honor can strengthen a man’s heart and boost his soul. The time spent with the Lion also gave him a love for battle, and a wish to learn more of war, tactics and kenjutsu. Kuwanan had been one of Toturi’s best students, and when he returned to the lands of the Doji he asked Satsume to allow him to study at other bushi schools of the Empire. Kuwanan began to roam the southern lands of the Crane, and began to learn from the clever Daidoji family. After his time with the Daidoji he traveled even further south and trained with Hida Kuman, the sensei of the Crab Clan who had taught both Hida Yakamo and Hida O Ushi. During his time there Kuman would frequently say “the boy has promise”.

Kuwanan’s mixed education has made him one of the more successful, if non-traditional, champions of the Crane. He hates the Matsu family with a passion, born both of the attacks by Matsu Gohei upon the Crane as well an incident in his youth that lead to the suicide of his betrothed, an incident for which Kuwanan blames the Matsu. He is concerned about the state of the Empire and the tensions between the Emperor and shogun. While he despises Shoju, he knows that the Emperor has little power left and that the Emperor’s children are coming of age soon. Kuwanan is willing to wager that if the Emperor pushes to hard, Shoju will just have one of the Emperor’s more pliable children put on the throne. To this end, Kuwanan has been stacking the Shogunate with Crane bureaucrats. Shoju may control much of the Imperial bureaucracy, but he cannot make it run without the Crane. When Shoju loses actual control of the Shogunate, Kuwanan will be there to take his place and bring the empire back to order.

Doji Kuwanan

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