Hida Kisada

b. 1076

The Great Bear

The Terrible Old Man

The Hida Daimyo

The Crab Clan Champion

Hida Kisada is a figure of legend in Rokugan, although not all tales are positive ones. At his prime, Kisada was one of the strongest and largest samurai in Rokugan, towering at 6’6”. By the age of five, Kisada had killed his first samurai, three bullying sons of Lion daimyo, luring them into a deadly trap in the forest. Kisada consistently demonstrated a tactical genius and lust for battle, and none could compare to the sheer combat prowess of Kisada. He disdained combat with other clans, seeing Fu Leng as the only enemy worth his efforts. He would be dismissive and condescending to all non-Crabs. He rarely left Crab lands and his contempt for Hantei XXXVIII was no secret. Still, Kisada was not unhappy. He was proud of his son Hida Yakamo and his daughter Hida O Ushi. He had the Shadowlands to fight. All things considered, he felt secure.

That has changed however. With the death of his son Hida Yakamo, age began to catch up with Kisada and when Hida O-Ushi died at the hands of the oni that stole her brother’s name, Kisada became a broken old man. He retreated into his castle and saw almost no one, leaving all control of the Crab to his last son, the perennially ill Hida Sukune. Sukune’s health was fragile at the best of time and when he died from an infection received during the war against the naga, the Great Bear awoke once more.

Deprived of his physical strength, Kisada has become twisted by hate, rage, and pain. He has become absolutely convinced that the Emerald Empire is not worthy of the sacrifices his children made. Deprived of a foe in the Shadowlands due to their long, dark quiet, he directs his hatred at Shoju, whom he sees as a corrupt parasite, and the Emperor, whom he sees as an abject coward for letting Shoju run unopposed. Kisada, however, sees a simple solution. If Rokugan is broken, then he should fix it. As Shogun, Kisada would teach the sniveling worms of the empire what it means to be samurai. And as far as Kisada is concerned, he soon will.

Kisada still remains for the most part secluded in Kyuden Hida. His health is poor and he sees no visitors aside from his senior most advisors. While his flesh may be weak, his mind is as sharp as ever. Between his cunning and his hatred, Kisada may be more dangerous than he ever was before.

Hida Kisada

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