Ikoma Saburo

A hot tempered Lion shugenja who, after living the high life among the wealthy Isawa temples for most of his teenage years, was unwilling to return to his relatively poor lot in life of being the 4th son of a minor branch of the family.

Making good use of his practiced charm and the glamour of a shugenja, Saburo began his search for a wife who would give him the financial tools to position himself and his eventual descendants to rise. Wise to the ways of the world, Saburo knows money and the good opinion of others are required before the masses will allow the talented to become great or recognized.

Driven to succeed and relying heavily on his obvious physical appeal, Saburo combed through the ranks of the Minor Clans for an heiress who would be honoured to take such a handsome and talented Great Clan samurai as a husband.

After trading all his favours to secure an invitation to Winter Court one year, Saburo’s eye fell on the beautiful Yoritomo Yoshita. After confirming her fortune, Saburo became almost obsessed with his choice of future bride. After speaking to Yoshita a few times and perceiving her as open to his implied plans with her, he even made his intentions known to his close circles of friends. Saburo began making preparations and even an investment. He ran with the idea that not only would this woman solve his financial woes, but her beauty would make them an aesthetically ideal couple, which would only further the social advantage. He even considered the advantages of an implication of love between the two of them, the result of which would surely bring him glory and recognition.

When Yoshita lined up for the Winter Court’s archery contest sporting her Wasp armband and yumi with Tsuruchi markings, (a family that is considered a foul enemy and traitor to the Lion), Saburo was humiliated. The rumor that Yoshita was betrothed to another Mantis reached his ears the same afternoon and his failure was complete. After investing so much into his hopes for this match, Saburo was crushed, if not emotionally, but socially. The final nail in the coffin was when his friends made the mistake of teasing the proud Lion.

Since then, Saburo has seen his plans fall like a house of cards, and has sworn vengence on the former object of his ambitions. Through the rumor mill Yoshita was gleefully informed by the Lion’s enemies of how she had inadvertantly thwarted Saburo’s plans. For pressuming plans that he hadn’t even discussed with her or her brother, Yoshita began to develop a distaste for Ikoma Saburo.

When Saburo publicly insulted the Yoshita later during the Court festivities, the animosity between the two of them became truly mutual.

Saburo was trained by the Isawa and specializes almost exclusively in earth spells.

Ikoma Saburo

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