This page is free to edit for the players. Here is where you can put your theories concerning what is happening and what you think is really happening.

JaguarWong: Daidoji Uji has Ambition. Why? I have no evidence at this point… he just always comes across as bad-ass.

JaguarWong: Crazy “Have you ever flown like a bird?” Monk-dude has Ambition.

Shawnmeat: The Craftsman has sacrificed, or plans to sacrifice, the Boar Clan upon the dreaded Anvil of Despair.

Shawnmeat: Hida Kisada, the Terrible Old Man and Crab Clan Champion, will lead the Crab army – easily the strongest in Rokugan after the Gaijin War – into battle against the Shogun (and the Scorpion as well, assuming that Shujo is working with his former Clan in secret) in an attempt to make himself the new Shogun and defender of the Emerald Empire.

Shawnmeat: Through political manoeuvrings and acts of subterfuge, Heichi Nobunaga shall seek to destroy or at least discredit Toku and replace him as Rikugunshokan. He may also seek to usurp Yoritomo, though that would be decidedly more foolish.

JaguarWong & Shawnmeat: The Realm of Thwarted Destiny is leaking into other realms, such as the Realm of Dreams and soon Nigendo. All the Realms actually may be weakening, as evidenced by the Realm of Animals attacking those of the Mortal Realm.

JaguarWong: The Unicorn fed the gaijin equipment to Uji, now with him removed, they make their move… if they haven’t been pulling the strings all along.

JaguarWong: (This one is more wishful thinking) Yoritomo is not dead. Just retired. Yeah… retired… at the bottom of the sea. I’m half joking, but if anyone could best Suitengu, it’s Yoritomo.

JaguarWong: With Yoritomo dead, Nobunaga will angle to get whomever looks to be the next “heir” to the Mantis throne married to a Boar to strengthen the Boar’s place among the minor clans. I hear one of the foremost heroes of Haku Pass is an eligible Boar… engaged yes, but some love match, easily broken by his lord… And even if the Heichi in question doesn’t end up with the new Mantis Champion, word is spreading that a new daughter of a Tsuruchi and the Mantis hero Hasagawa, a relation to Yoritomo, has been found and acknowledged by the head of her father’s family, has surfaced. Though she is a bastard, there are matrimonial opportunities to marry prominently into the high ranks of the Mantis…


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