Yoritomo Yoshita

Name Clan School Rank Experience Insight
Yoritomo Yoshita Mantis Tsuruchi Bounty Hunter 3 0/136 176
Honour Glory Status Taint
6.9 6.5 5.5 0.0
Earth 3 Water 3 Air 4 Fire 2 Void 3
Stamina (3) Strength (3) Reflexes (4) Agility (2) (3)
Willpower (3) Perception (3) Awareness (4) Intelligence (2)
Initiative = Rank/REF; TN to be Hit = (REF x5+5) +Armor + Mods
Initiative Modifiers Current To be hit Armor + Mods Current
9k4 +3 9k4+3 25 3(5) 28(30)
Weapon Attack B. Dam. (Str 3) Dam. w Mods Quality Notes
Willow Leaf 10k4 5k2 7k2 Avrg
Armor Piercer 10k4 4k1 6k1 Avrg Ignores TN bonus fr. armor
Flesh Cutter 10k4 5k3 7k3 Avrg Dbles TN bonus fr. armor, 50% rng
Jujitsu 4k2 3k1 Avrg
Wakizashi 3k2 5k2 Avrg
Armour Target number bonus Quality Notes
ashigaru +3 Avrg Soaks 1 pt dam.
light +5 Avrg Soaks 3 pt dam., +5 to Stl & Athletic rolls
Wounds Healthy (+0) Nicked (+3) Grazed (+5) Hurt (+10) Injured (+15) Crippled (+20) Down (+40) Out
Total: 0-15 16-21 22-27 28-34 35-40 41-46 47-52 53-67
When using an Emphasis, may reroll any 1's once.
Skills (Emphasis) Rank Trait B. Roll Notes
Athletics (2) STR 5k3
Battle (2) PER 5k3
Defense (2) REF 6k4
Hunting (1) PER 4k3
Investigation (1) PER 4k3
Kyujutsu (Yumi) (5) REF 9k4 +1k0 (tech), max. rng +50%
Non-School Skills
Courtier (1) AWA 5k4
Craft: Sailing (1) INT/AGI 3k2
Etiquette (2) AWA 6k4
Horsemanship (1) AGI 3k2
Kenjitsu (1) AGI 3k2
Jujitsu (2) AGI 4k2
Lore: Mantis (3) INT 5k2
Lore: Law (1) INT 3k2
Stealth (1) AGI 4k2
Technique Name Mechanical Effects
Rank 1: Always Be Ready +1k0 to attacks rolls w a bow, +3 to init.
Rank 2: The Arrow Knows the Way 1 free raise for Called Shot, +2k0 to damage w a bow
Rank 3: The Wasp’s Sting Attacks w bow count as a Simple Action (2 turns)
A or D Advantages/ Disadvantage Points Effect
A Luck (3)
A Magic Resistance (3)
D Gaijin Name (1)
D Wrath of the Kami (Earth) (3)
D Phobia (Caves) (1)
D Sworn Enemy: Forsaken Suitor (3)
D Sworn Enemy: The Rival (free)
-- Nemesis: Raiko (free)

Equipment and possessions:

  • Yumi w Arrows: 5x rope cutters (1k1(+10 vs. objects), 5x Humming (0k1), 15x flesh cutters (2k3, armor of Tar doubled), 30x willow leaf (2k2), 45x armor piercer (1k2, ignores armor) & quiver
  • wakizashi, tanto
  • ashigaru armor
  • kimono, sandals, spare hakama, socks & shirt
  • traveling cloak, courtier’s cap
  • brown backpack w bamboo umbrella
  • flint & steel, 10’coil of silk 1/2" rope
  • chopsticks, bowl, cup
  • smoking pipe (kiseru)
  • a grass stained, pocket sized book: “Yoshi’s 48 Rules of Field Survival” – left with Raiko
  • a small polished mirror
  • a small pot of red war paint
  • my mother’s personal chop

What has changed since the beginning of the campagin…
The Yoshita of today is more shrewd and solomn than the woman who first came as a gunso to the Minor Clan Alliance. Previously content to support her commanders with blunt and sometimes unconventional advice in addition to her martial skills suited to skirmish battles, Yoshita has recently found herself in the position of stratagist, negotiator and sometimes courtier. Though reluctant in this role, and relying heavily on others to succeed as a battlefield general, she has been as surprised as her peers at the usefulness of her keen observational skills. Her ability to read people has helped her more than any real skill in the tradecraft of the courtiers and negotiators. And if nothing else, a Mantis does not back down from a challenge.

Outwardly, Yoshita remains resolute, and indeed is determined to remain so, but with her family and clan falling apart, a bitterness creeps into her heart. The biggest change has to be her lack of support, of belonging, of being “one of a group of brothers and sisters”… and for the first time in her life, she is beginning to feel truly alone. Despite efforts from the small group of friends she has encountered, even they remain classified as “others” because of political reasons that she feels are out of her control. The blind motivation Yoshita once felt to carry on has weakened, and without Yoritomo, her family, a companion, and friends she must keep at arm’s length, the old Yoshita is slipping away. Whether this will galvanize her to new heights of selfless devotion to the Empire and Clan or crumble the foundations of her greatest strenghts, is yet to be seen.

- 8th of 9 offspring of Yoritomo Kurozame & Yoritomo [nee Tsuruchi] Hitomi, wed approx. 30 years ago when Wasp joined Mantis, only female child until younger sister
- Yoritomo Kurozame was a worldly man of the sea and died scuttling his ship to prevent his enemies from taking it. (About 10 years ago) Hitomi still lives, but is in retirement, living in her eldest son’s household.
- Yoshita’s oldest brother, Kuno, and his wife (also formerly of the Tsuruchi family) run the family’s holdings now – to this day remain a very close loving family.
- As agreed at the time of Kurozame and Hitomi’s marriage, eldest daughter would be trained with the Tsuruchi, (son #5 also trained with Tsuruchi because it didn’t look like daughter was coming… he was decent at it (Rank 2) but has since gone into service as a courtier (1 Rank in Moshi))

- very honorable, generally calm and balanced. Can come off as a little cold.
- Follows the Wasp code to the T, took exceptionally well to lore/etiquette studies, puts a lot of stock into Honour.
- Feels more like a Tsuruchi than a Yoritomo – with her father’s blessing
- of course she’s fast (she’s trained as a Tsuruchi) but there are faster archers, she’s more accurate vs. swift, meticulous vs. quick,
- Particularly driven (though not to the point of dishonour) to capture violent & cruel criminals of the Emperor’s law

Interesting Facts
- her name is Indian and means “beautiful lady”. YoshiDA however is Japanese and means “lucky”

Looks and Carriage
- See picture. Quite stunning actually… composed, graceful vs. quicksilver. A little darker coloured than some of her clanmates.

Significant Life Moments
- unofficial betrothed and family friend (betrothal hadn’t been made formal yet) died within the past 6 months, she’s sad especially because it would have been a nice marriage to someone who she could get along with! Kind mother/brother have decided to give her some breathing room about the marriage thing, get her career settled…
- has military experience as a scout & mercenary for the Mantis, spent the co-op part of her training accompanied by her second sensei in the forests/mountains of Rokugan
- sensei impressed with her steady patience, a little more stable than some of the wilder Mantis out there, pegged her early for officer’s training, even considered her for courtier/administrator training but couldn’t pass up on her steady, consistent draw (also she liked archery… a lot.)
- a bit of a taboo: a Yoritomo who doesn’t know how to wield the wakazashi she wears!But wears it out of respect for her father. Some shugenja have theorized that Earth spells are more effective on her because she has forsaken the steel of a blade… that or the earth kami are taking out their anger at her father, who scuttled his ship using fire sacrificing goods and treasures to the sea (water) instead of their intended fate of being dashed on the rocks… who knows?!
- Battle of Sanata’s Island
- Battle of Haku Pass

Code Of The Wasp

Honesty: Lies have nearly damned the Wasp before; never again. Those who call themselves ‘samurai’ will go back on their word and mask the truth with a pretty face, but a Wasp knows the price of that is always paid for treachery.

Loyalty: No true Wasp will renege on a contract once taken, nor will he cheat the man who hires him. An oath, once taken, is sacred. Though a Wasp works for money, when a Wasp’s loyalty is bought, it is as strong as a bond of fealty.

Mercy: There is no sense in killing those that do not deserve it. Such actions simply bring the wrath of the just upon the Wasp.

Justice: The Emperor’s word is the supreme law of the Empire. A Wasp understands this face and works within the spirit of the law. Samurai twist the words of the law to injustice.

Brotherhood: Every Wasp is your brother, sister, parent, and child. Such bonds are as strong as duty, for family is the most precious thing once can have. Wasp will not face their brothers in battle.

Judgment: There will be times when the Code prevents the Wasp from doing the right thing. At those times, the Wasp must do what he feels is right and answer for his actions later. The Wasp who understands judgment acts from his heart. Indecision is the greatest weakness, for from indecision nothing at all can arise.

In a Nut Shell

EP01 – ‘Tale of Four Homes’ – Homecoming. Gained membership to the Storm Legion.

EP02 – ‘Test of Emerald Champion Pt. 1’ – Met fellow gunsos. Competed in horse archery thanks to loan of horse from Morito, and daikyu from Raiko. Discovered she didn’t like me for some reason.

EP03 – ‘Test of Emerald Champion Pt. 2’ – Post competition. Saw Hantei in the woods making love, talked with Tonbo; offer to teach archery for kenjutsu. Suggested that Mantis approach gate prior to Monkey Clan to sr. Mantis officers.

EP04 – ‘Chain of Dogs, Pt. 1:1’ – Arrived with 8th in Musume Mura. Checked match-making records, a ‘little husband’ recommended. Met Naizen after rebuffing a pass from one of his crew. Fought pirate raid on officer’s estate. Punched a pirate who got in too close. Naizen offered to lead to pirate base in exchange for endorsement from S.L. to come back ‘home’.

EP05 – ‘Chain of Dogs, Pt. 1:2’ – Ambushed pirate base, but was sorely outmatched. Retreated. Shot the general, and the Captain. Raiko lost her arm, swore revenge.

EP06 – ‘Chain of Dogs, Pt. 1:3’ – Return in disgrace. Crane punish us by denying access through their lands. Visit Moshi; Tonbo assasinated by Scorpion. Leaves name with matchmaker expressing interest in Moshi husband. Visit Tsuruchi Castle; Raiko slapped by mother, Raiko turns down plea to settle now. Promoted by Heichi Nobunaga to Chewy after seppuku of Toku Ryofu.

Yoritomo Yoshita

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