Usagi Kenchi

Name Clan School Rank Experience Insight
Usaji Kenchi Hare Usaji Bushi 2 16 (50 overall) 152
Honour Glory Status Taint
2.5 0.9 5 0.0
Earth Water Air Fire Void
Stamina (3) Strength (2) Reflexes (3) Agility (3) (2)
Willpower (3) Perception (3) Awareness (3) Intelligence (3)
Initiative Modifiers Current To be hit Reflexes x 5 + 5 + Armour Reduction
4/3 4k3 24(29) 24 + 5 3
Weapon Attack roll Damage roll special Keywords
No Dachi 6k3 5k3 Large
Katana 6k3 5k2 Void: 1k1 once per combat round Medium, Samurai
Wakizashi 6k3 4k2 Ranged weapon 20’ Medium, Samurai
Armour Target number bonus reduction Notes
Light +5 3 Adds +5 to all Athletics and Stealth rolls
Wounds Healthy (+0) Nicked (+3) Grazed (+5) Hurt (+10) Injured (+15) Crippled (+20) Down (+40) Out
Total: 6 12 18 24 30 36 42 57
Skills Rank Trait Roll Emphases
Etiquette (1) AWA 4k3
Investigation (2) PER 5k3
Lore(Bloodspeakers) (1) INT 4k3 Bloodspeakers
Lore(Heraldry) (2) INT 5k3
Athletics (4) STR 6k2 running
Battle (2) PER 5k3
Defense (3) REF 6k3
Hunting (3) PER 6k3 tracking
Horsemanship (1) AGI 4k3
Jujitsu (2) STR 4k2
Kenjitsu (3) AGI 6k3 No-dachi
Intimidation (2) AWA 5k3
Stealth (4) AGI 7k3
Temptation (2) AWA 5k3 seduction
Lore(underword) (2) INT 5k3
Advantages Points Disadvantages Points
Dardevil (3) Lechery (1)
Way of the land (Hare) (2) Bad Fortune (1)
Ally Matsu Jiro (2) Bad Reputation (2)
Ally Yogo Hatsuko Nemesis Usaji Tak-po
True Love, Doji Aksune
Ally or enemy Name Influence Devotion Notes
Ally Matsu Jiro (1) (1) Emerald magistrate
Ally Yogo Hatsuko (?) (?) Emerald magistrate
Enemy Usaji Tak-po

Equipment and possessions:

  • Daisho
  • Bow
  • 20 arrows
  • light armour
  • No-Dachi
  • Pieces of parchment (10)
  • Traveling pack
  • Spare kimono, spare sandals
  • Bottle of water
  • Week’s worth of rations (rice balls)

Usagi Kuosa was a great man, in his youth he uncovered five separate Yakuza opium rings, personally dispatched the bandit rings The Oni’s teeth, and discovered their tie to the corrupt scorpion magistrate who disappeared before judgment was passed on his guilt. He fought alongside Yoritomo and Tutori in the Gajin invasion, he was honorable and respected by many in the great clans, more so in the minor clans. He was good to his wife and even was well liked amongst the peasants of the village that he protected. His son Usaji Kenchi is not like his father. He is rude, he indulges in what some samurai consider distasteful and most consider dishonourable. This has lead to somewhat of a tarnished popular opinion of Kenchi, especially amongst the Hare who believe that he is dishounoring his father’s memory. It was precisely his father who has driven his behaviour, more to the point his father’s death. One day when Kenchi was about eight a small unit of Unicorn arrived at the village demanding supplies. Bento, Kuosa’s brother, informed them that he had to consult his lord, Kuosa, to see if they could manage to share any supplies with their Unicorn friends. The Gunso of the unit was offended by the delay and attacked the village before Kuosa could speak with him. What the gunso did not account for was Kuaso’s experience with tactics, with a handful of ashigaru managed to force the Unicorn to retreat, however Kuaso paid with his life. Bento wanted an official complaint loged, but was not successful, the Hare did not want to antagonize the enemies of the Scorpian, especially not the the wild unicorn. The Unicorn were a part of a larger force that was to attack the Scorpian for a slight suffered in court by an Ide. On hearing news of this and watching his father die, Kenchi changed. He no longer saw the wisdom in the tenets of Bushido as a whole, as so few samurai followed them. The tenet of Courtesy most of all infuriated him, as such a small breach is an excuse for wholesale slaughter of innocents. He even saw it a step further, being courteous in battle is meaningless, your opponent is dead, what use is a few words and civility when he would rather have seen Kenchi dead. Weather or not he has used this same ideaology as an excuse for his current vices he has not decided as of yet. The only reason why his lifestyle has not branded him as a ronin, is his abilities. Much like his father, he has routed out several criminals in Rokugan, specifically a bloodspeaker cult in Ryoku Owari, a feat that the champion of the Hare personally thanked him for.

Usagi Kenchi

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