Heichi Masu

The Headstrong Boar


Last updated: 2011.02.09

Name Clan School Rank Experience Insight
Heichi Masu Boar Heichi Bushi 2 4 172
Honour Glory Status Taint
7.2 6 5.0 0.0
Earth Water Air Fire Void
Stamina (3) Strength (3) Reflexes (3) Agility (3) (2)
Willpower (3) Perception (3) Awareness (3) Intelligence (3)
Initiative Modifiers Current Armour type/Bonuses Damage reduction Current target number
2/3 5k3 Heavy/+10 -5 15(25)
Armour Target number bonus Quality Notes
Heavy +10 Average -5 to Agility, Reflexes rolls
Weapon Attack roll Damage roll Bonus Notes
Katana 5k3 6k2
Mai Chong 7k3 7k3* Free raise for entangling *’Special’: 1k0, *+0k1
Wakizashi 5k3 5k2
Wounds Healthy (+0) Nicked (+0) Grazed (+2) Hurt (+7) Injured (+12) Crippled (+17) Down (+37) Out
Total: 15 21 27 34 40 46 52 67
Skills Rank Trait Roll Emphases and mastery abilities
Armoursmithing (1) INT 4k3
Athletics {S} (2) VAR
Battle {S} (4) PER 7k3
Calligraphy (2) INT 5k3
Defence {S} (2) REF 5k3
Etiquette (1) AWA 4k3
Gardening (1) INT 4k3
Go (2) INT 5k3
Horsemanship (2) AGI 5k3
Hunting {S} (1) PER 4k3
Iaijitsu (1) REF 4k3
Intimidation {S} (1) AWA 4k3
Investigation (2) PER 5k3
Jiu jitsu (1) AGI 4k3
Kenjitsu {S} (2) AGI 5k3
Lore (Boar Clan) (1) INT 4k3
Medicine (1) INT 4k3 Herbalism
Shogi (1) INT 4k3
Spear {S} (4) AGI 7k3 Mai chong
Advantages Points Disadvantages Points
Luck (3) Idealism (2)
Quick (6) Overconfidence (3)
Strength of the Earth (2) Phobia (Water) (2)
Jealousy (3)
School techniques Rank Effect(s)
Charge of the Boar (1) Readying medium weapon is a free action on Full Attack; Spear receives damage bonus of +0k1
The Strength of Opposition (2) Two raises to entangle an opponent with mai chong; three raises with other spears
Ally or enemy Name Influence Devotion Notes
Ally Himura Reiko (2) (1) Crab Clan Commander


  • “A Tale of Four Homes” (4)
  • “Test of the Emerald Champion, Part I” (4) (+1)
  • “Test of the Emerald Champion, Part II” (Absent)
  • “The Chain of Dogs, Chapter One, Part I” (4) (+1)
  • “The Chain of Dogs, Chapter One, Part II” (3) (+1)
  • “The Chain of Dogs, Chapter One, Part III” (5) (+1)
  • “The Chain of Dogs, Chapter Two, Part I” (4) (+1)
  • “The Chain of Dogs, Chapter Two, Part II” (4) (+1)
  • “The Chain of Dogs, Chapter Two, Part III” (5) (+1)
  • “The Chain of Dogs, Chapter Two, Part IV” (2) (1) (+2)
  • Story (+3)
  • Nightmare (+1)
  • “The Chain of Dogs, Chapter Two, Part V” (10)
  • “Season of Storms, Part 1: Fall Frost” (5)
  • “Season of Storms, Part 2: The Siege of Mura Sabashii Toshi” (6)
  • Rebuilding character for 4th Edition (4)

Equipment and possessions:

  • Blacksmith hammer
  • Blanket
  • Bottle of water
  • Chopsticks
  • Kubi bukuro
  • Medicinal kits (4.5)
  • Personal journal
  • Pieces of parchment (10)
  • Small ancestral statue (Hida Heichi)
  • Spare kimono, spare sandals
  • Straw cloak
  • Sumi-e kit
  • Tessen (fine quality, red and yellow coloured)
  • Week’s worth of rations (rice balls)

Long-term objectives:

“Who were the annointed ones?”
“Where did the iron go?”
“Is it still there?”

“A man of peace shall quench my first’s fury.
The humblest of women shall quech my second’s hubris.
A man of pride shall quench my third’s meekness.
The guiltless man will quench my fourth’s penance.
The pacifist will quench my fifth’s slaughter.
The witless man will quench my sixth’s guile.”


In the beginning…

“Fortune favours the mortal man.”

-Shinsei, “The Tao of Shinsei”

To understand Heichi Masu, one must first understand his father.

When Boar Champion Heichi Nobumoto fell upon his own sword, all that had remained of Heichi Shuzo’s once-celebrated spirit was simultaneously whisked away also. Shuzo had been known by many not only as a hardworking and kind-hearted man, but also for his fierce pride in his clan and its Champion. As the years passed, however, the Boar’s elders came to conclude that the clan would not be able to sustain itself perpetually and would have to forsake its isolationist principles. This would lead to Nobumoto’s infamous failures in matters of trade, and his ensuing death.

Heichi Shuzo was heartbroken. And before long, his effervescent optimism was overthrown by a creeping defeatism that left him an embittered cynic. This is the Shuzo who remains today, and this is the only father young Heichi Masu has ever known.

Shuzo has agreed that the Boar clan can no longer survive as it had when he was a boy, but seems to believe also that because of this, for all intents and purposes, the Boar clan is dead. Though he does not know it, his broken spirit has earned him the resentment of his only son, who refuses to believe that the Boar could meet an obstacle that cannot be overcome through perseverance. For Masu, his father’s concessions represent a weakness of character – the same weakness, borne from fear, which has spread like wildfire throughout the Boar.

Nonetheless, Masu refuses to speak these feelings aloud. Though he’s as prideful and as kind as his father once was, he is also a stoic and mindful young man, preferring solace and his simple duties as a bushi and a blacksmith over the company of others. It has been suggested by some, however, that by challenging Masu to a game of Go, one can, before long, entice him into relating many fantastic tales of his personal accomplishments – as well as the achievements of his ancestors.

And then…

“I am being pulled this way and that and there is simply no appropriate response.”

-Heichi Masu

[More to come.]

Heichi Masu

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