Hiruma Reiko

Crab Clan Commander

Glory: 3 Status: 5


Hiruma Reiko won great honours commanding her troops during the Crab invasion of the Crane lands, gaining command of some of the Crab’s naval forces. Reiko currently is serving as one of Kisada’s key commanders to harry the Crane from the sea.


It is odd that someone of Reiko’s young age makes it to the rank that she has in the military of the Crab, but Reiko is no ordinary Crab. Lacking the taciturn and gloomy nature of most Hiruma, Reiko is a bright and intelligent young woman. She possesses a surprising aptitude for politics for a Crab, and is a keen tactician. If she has one fault, it is that she sometimes overplans, being so sharp that she cuts herself, as her sensei once described her. Currently, she is serving as a senior military official in Maemitake in the northern Crab lands, assisting in the Reserve Army’s re-alignment away from the Shadowlands.

Reiko is somewhat eccentric. She came from a very small family, most of her relatives dying in the Great Demon War. As a result, she takes a keen interest in the lives of her relatives. This has included several Boar, including Heichi Masu. She goes out of her way to assist her relatives, such as assisting them in securing travel passes from the Bakufu or arranging for training at notable dojo. Some Crab feel what she does is improper, but Reiko has many powerful friends in the Crab who are willing to indulge her eccentricities so long as she continues to be a great asset.

Despite the fact that she is fairly good looking and of a young age, Reiko remains unmarried, despite pressure from her daimyo. Reiko has exacting standards, although she has never shared them, and she will not compromise one bit on what qualities her husband will possess. In this manner, she has a great deal in common with Hida O-Ushi, the late daughter of Hida Kisada whom Reiko has based much of her lifestyle on, although Reiko is significantly more chaste than the scandalous O-Ushi.

Hiruma Reiko

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